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Combie King Size Slim Unbleached Papers and Tips 32

  • Combie King Size Slim Unbleached Papers and Tips 32
  • Combie King Size Slim Unbleached Papers and Tips 32
ALL NATURAL ORGANIC ROLLING: In each Combie, you will find a pack of our exclusive king-sized, organic, unbleached and unrefined rolling papers and filter tips.

NATURAL GLUE: Unlike other rolling papers the glue we use is 1OO% natural Arabic gum, ensuring a solid all natural bond that won’t come loose, with no chemicals..

SLOW BURN: Our custom-made watermark, with its hexagonal pattern, directly affects and helps maintain an even, smooth, and slow burn.

GOOD ROLL STARTS WITH A GOOD FILTER: Our wide filter tips are blended with 3O% cotton fibers, offering you an easy, soft, and flexible roll that doesn’t unroll itself. Each filter tip is 26mm wide, which makes for an extra-long filter when rolled up, creating a smoother pull and prevents burning your lips.The 3 perforated lines at the edges of each one to assist you with rolling up the filters and creating an accordion-style filter..

WHAT YOU GET: Each Combie pack contains 32 leaves. All natural, unbleached & unrefined - the only papers not to go through a refining process during the pulp stage, we’ve added lines set at an angle of 6° that prevent an uneven burn. Combie recommended for a solid, smoother and a better roll for you..
Imported from USA.
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